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Through purpose-built tools, family office accountants can systematically close, update and revert the books across all entities or a subset of entities. As the future of the family office evolves, we are proud to lead the way to reimagining what a family office can achieve. With less time spent on recurring tasks, data entry, and […]

Through purpose-built tools, family office accountants can systematically close, update and revert the books across all entities or a subset of entities. As the future of the family office evolves, we are proud to lead the way to reimagining what a family office can achieve. With less time spent on recurring tasks, data entry, and spreadsheets, employees can focus on the office’s priority – achieving the goals of the family it serves. Each category has particular technology and software needs based on agility, entrenched processes, focus range, and more. The review explores these in-depth and identifies where opportunities for various role players and suppliers lie in this regard. Instantly centralize your multi-entity, multi-currency accounting with SoftLedger’s financial consolidation software.

Wealth management technology and outsourced service solutions for family offices and financial institutions. We bring together your client’s accounts and investments, across custodians, managers, asset classes and currencies, for a true net worth picture. With their financial information conveniently aggregated under one roof, you can create dynamic, multi-dimensional reporting across a complete data set – and you can forget the days of supplemental spreadsheets and manual consolidations. They depend on you to effectively manage their investment portfolios and guide them on the best path forward. With products and services by Eton Solutions, you can offer more value-added services that solve your clients’ pain points and provide them with a more centralized and simplified wealth management experience.

Business Managers

By streamlining how their sensitive investment data is aggregated, managed, and used in reporting and other operations, they are able to automate the many complexities of family wealth management. UK-based Finlight makes investment reporting data easy to analyze and integrate through their platform that executes consolidated reporting, data aggregation, portfolio and risk management, and trading. A peer-enriched reporting dashboard also allows for portfolios’ benchmarking against those of community peers.

Allvue’s family office accounting software and investment management software offer a flexible, customized solution to support families of any size or structure. In fact, Allvue provides accounting, monitoring and reporting solutions to some of the world’s most prominent families. Our family office technology was  featured in Forbes’ roundup of 2020 Family Office Software providers. Sage Intacct is the only and preferred provider of the AIPCA for cloud financial management.

  • A peer-enriched reporting dashboard also allows for portfolios’ benchmarking against those of community peers.
  • ‘Work with a provider you trust that has proven experience in the family office space,’ adds Sage Intacct’s Ben Collins.
  • Each category has particular technology and software needs based on agility, entrenched processes, focus range, and more.
  • In order to identify these needs and explore how different software providers tackle this product-market fit, the Simple team conducted The Family Office Software Review.

The first step in aligning values and investments is understanding clearly what you own, how you own it and how it’s performing. Our analytics and reporting give you the ability to quickly and easily assess the negative and positive impacts your investments may be creating. Our integrated data model breaks down data silos, fostering better collaboration and empowering your team to make informed decisions. But, they’re not alone in this industry, and there is an incredible landscape of providers shifting this space, each in their own way. Most solutions choose to carve out their niche by providing their own unique take on what a product should look like and that could create confusion or solutions that are difficult to compare to others.

All data/processes, including those brought in from offline Excel, fully audited then time-stamped. High performance, user-friendly, integrated portal available for family members or advisors. Create greater transparency by centralizing the family office’s financial information in a single place. While finding ways to incorporate AI may be a shared objective, there were three areas that came up most frequently with regards to demands from family office clients. Heralded as significant as the internet itself, generative AI and particularly OpenAI’s ChatGPT immediately put every single software provider in a position where they’d be judged on how quickly and effectively they’d adopt this new technology. The Archway Platform features intuitive budgeting and cash flow forecasting tools to create multiple budgets and cash flow estimates at the entity, account, sub-account or individual level.

Based in the USA, Addepar is a wealth management platform that infuses complex financial information with transparency. By connecting data, technology and people, it facilitates informed decisions through actionable insights and tailored reporting allows multi-generational family offices to achieve their objectives. This Swiss, all-in-one Wealth & Asset Management solution offers an integrated data aggregation, CRM, accounting, amongst other services and including 100+ custodian automatic feeds for multi-asset, consolidated reporting. WIZE by TeamWork focuses on providing an intuitive user experience, rich and performing functionalities, and a transparent pricing model.

The review identifies six user archetypes that reveal software use trends and highlight the similarities and differences. These include start-up, legacy, best in class, single to multi-family offices, banker turned multi-family office and commercial family offices. As the family office landscape continues to shift, one-size-fits-all solutions that work for other organizations don’t cut it, and bespoke software stacks designed to meet each organization’s unique needs are rapidly coming to the fore. Still, understanding and selecting the products that will work for a family office both now and in the future can be daunting. The Simple Family Office Software Review is designed to assist family offices in navigating this often painful process. If your franchise accounting software isn’t specifically built to manage multiple entities, it could be holding you back from getting the information you need.

Import any type of data via our API.

By facilitating the aggregation of the family office’s global wealth in one secured platform, professionals can work and collaborate more efficiently. Denmark’s PandaConnect is a full-scale investment administration solution, covering all assets classes, bankable and non-bankable investments in order to achieve the twin goals of wealth preservation and growth. Through data aggregation and consolidation family members, banks, currencies, and managers can achieve accuracy and transparency.

Powerful and reliable family office software

Developed out of Luxembourg, IQ-EQ Cosmos provides an end-to-end portfolio monitoring solution for institutional and private wealth investors focussed on alternative and luxury assets. Denmark-based Hemonto, delivers state-of-the-art consolidated financial reporting through their platform and their permanent team of experts. They ensure that data accuracy and services can be tailored managerial accounting to customized reporting needs without compromising data integrity, enabling real-time and verifiable data to be the basis for financial decisions. Selecting the right software is one of the most critical and daunting tasks businesses face. As the digital revolution unfolds, an increasing number of processes are digitized, consolidated and automated using software solutions.

Public, ‘Private Equity’ (real estate, infrastructure, credit), as well as personal (property, art, yachts, jewellery) all supported in one system. Unlimited flexibility for complex financial calculations related to family member’s tailored needs. In this two-minute video, Robert Sims, Head of Solutions Engineering, Europe, demonstrates how Allvue can help streamline the bank reconciliation process. Match transactions, flag discrepancies, and make adjustments efficiently and easily to simplify the process and reduce risk. Transform your investors’ digital experience with a branded look and feel, customizable dashboards and secure document sharing.

Family Office Accounting

Being able to integrate your accounting with other tools like investment bill payments and payroll, investment management reporting, and expense management, can significantly minimise manual workload and save time. A bespoke solutions provider like Centtrip shows the value that a downstream provider can offer here, through intuitive integration into existing accounting packages. With a dedicated provider, such as Bill.com, family offices can streamline these activities. Instead of manually entering and approving bills, these solutions can handle large payments safely, while consolidating all relevant records and audit trails.

Featuring automated report preparation and scheduling tools, the Archway Platform can produce and deliver an unlimited number of recurring or ad hoc report packages tailored to the unique needs of your internal staff and family members. At Eton Solutions, we foster collaborative partnerships and provide valuable resources to empower our ecosystem partners. By becoming an Eton Solutions Ecosystem Partner, you gain access to a wide array of benefits and opportunities that elevate your service capabilities and expand your reach on a global scale.

Audit everything including family relationships

Based in the USA, Asset Vantage offers an intelligent technology platform leveraging integrated performance reporting and general ledger technology. Providing a consolidated view of the family office’s entire net worth, Asset Vantage is a tool for single family offices, multi family offices and CPA firms to gain a holistic view of financial health. Whether the job is client reporting, accounting, performance reporting, estate planning, managing alternative assets, or any other of the myriad tasks an SFO does, there is the expectation they will be done in an accurate, transparent and timely way. Eton Solutions enables family office professionals to focus on higher value tasks, de-risk operations in a highly secure and scaled access managed environment.

The company is also particularly well-versed in dealing with family offices thanks to their specialised accounting and bill payment software solutions. Meanwhile, Plumb leads the way in outsourced accounting solutions and software services – removing the headache entirely for family offices. As within other spheres of the family office space, there are a number of niche products revolutionising specific operations, such as providers specialising in ESG data, cryptocurrency management and even real estate asset management, as covered previously.


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